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Last Revised: November 21, 2019

This Terms and Conditions apply for every and all of the party, which use and/or enter into the website/application of (“Terms and Conditions”).
The parties in this Terms and Conditions are as follows:

The Parties

  1. PT Tiketman Inovasi Gemilang, a limited liability company established under the prevailing laws of Indonesia, and the rightful owner of the website/application ("Ticketman").
  2. The party which identity is included in the page of personal data entry (“User”).
    By entering Ticketman site, User states that he/she has aged 21 years old and over, and able to conduct their own legal actions. If User is younger than 21 years old, User represents and warrants Ticketman that in conducting transaction on Ticketman site, User get the assistance from a parent/guardian of User.
  3. Ticketman and User all together also referred to as (“The Parties”).

Transaction in Ticketman

  1. Ticket is the ticket ordered by User through Ticketman’s site for the event as listed in the Ticketman’s site (“Ticket”). Ticket shall not be assigned to Users’ friend or any other third party.
  2. Before ordering Ticket, User is obligated to do registration by filling the form of User data; User hereby represent that every and all of the data provided to Ticketman is correct and accurate.
  3. Every and all payment of the Ticket’s price is as determine in Ticketman site.
  4. User shall be given a certain period of time to settle payment over Ticket price (“Payment Deadline”).
  5. During the period of Payment Deadline, Ticketman shall temporarily reserve the Ticket ordered by User for User.
  6. In the event that User is exceed the Payment Deadline and User has not make any payment for the Ticket, then Ticketman shall have the right to resell/reload/release the Ticket which has been ordered by User to any other third party, in this particular matter is other User.
  7. The fund for payment of Item will be deemed received by Ticketman, if the fund is effective and can be used in the Ticketman’s account.
  8. Ticketman shall send notice to User on upon successful of payment transaction or failure of payment transaction through a channel that is chosen by User.
  9. Ticketman shall not be responsible for any fund transferred to other account and/or terms of payment other than the ones that has been determine by Ticketman.
  10. After User has successfully made payment, Ticketman shall send a notification to the User that the User has succeeded in getting the Ticket. In this particular matter, Users will get a Ticket in electronic form; whereas User can print the Ticket or show the electronic version of the Ticket before seeing the show.
  11. Ticketman shall not serve any substitution or changes to the type of Ticket filed by User for the Ticket ordered or paid.
  12. Error in Ticket purchase/error click made by User shall not be the responsibility of Ticketman.
  13. Error in writing email, telephone number and/or other information in the User’s information, that results in Ticketman wrongly send Ticket, shall not be Ticketman’s responsibility.
  14. User realized completely that Ticketman only act as a middle person, so that Ticketman shall not be responsible or take the blame for anything related to the Ticket, including but not limited to change of schedule, change of location, cancellation of the event. User agree that User shall confirm or complain directly to the event organizer of the show.

Confidentiality of User’s Data

  1. Every and all of the User’s data which have been submitted by User in Ticketman’s site, shall be treated by Ticketman as a confidential data. Therefore, every and all of the data shall be use with by taking into account the precautionary principle.
  2. Ticketman warrants the User that every and all of Ticketman’s employee and/or vendor and/or supplier (if any) will comply the precautionary principle for User’s data.
  3. User’s data will not be treated as a confidentiality data, if such data is publicly known and/or such data is distributed by User itself.


  1. Ticketman at any time shall has the right to amend this Terms and Conditions without prior notice to User. Every and all of User will be deemed to have read and agreed to the changes of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. At its own discretion, Ticketman shall have the right to block certain User, when considered committing a fraud and/or other matters considered to be inappropriate by Ticketman over transaction in Ticketman.
  3. Every and all of the notice to the Parties regarding the matters mentioned in this Terms and Conditions, shall be conducted to the address and contact as written by each Party.
  4. Every notice shall be deemed received by each party through the media listed by each party for the transaction in Ticketman (electronic mail (e-mail) or whatsapps or short message service (SMS)).
  5. Every and all changes to the address and contact of each party, shall be notified as mentioned in this Terms and Conditions.
  6. Either one or both party in this Terms and Conditions shall not be deemed as doing negligence or breach to this Terms and Conditions, if the party or parties have obstacle caused by Force Majeure, the party experiencing such obstacle of Force Majeure should be released from the fulfillment of obligation related and the risk occur shall be the risk of each of the party.
  7. In this Terms and Conditions, Force Majeure is a condition or event stipulate including but is not limited to earthquake, landslides, storm, lightning, great flood, plague of disease, strike, insurgency or other military actions, war, sabotage, riot, fire and other that similar to that.
  8. Loss carried by one of the party due to Force Majeure is not a risk and/or responsibility of the other party and both of the party hereby waive their rights against the risk or effect of such Force Majeure.
  9. The Parties agree to settle every and all of dispute due to this Terms and Conditions by way of deliberation for consensus. However, should such deliberation for consensus was not achieved within 30 (thirty) days since the dispute, the Parties agree to settle such matters through the District Court with jurisdiction over the matter.
  10. Every and all of the changes and/or addition (addendum) on this Terms and Conditions shall only be valid and binding if it is made and agreed in writing by the Parties, and shall become inseparable part of this Terms and Conditions.
  11. In the event that one or more of the provisions in this Terms and Conditions to be unenforceable or invalid or cancel due to the existence of a legislation or otherwise unenforceable or invalid or void by a judicial authority, then it cant be implemented or invalidity or nullification of one or more of the provisions in this Terms and Conditions only on the provisions in question, while the other provisions in this Terms and Conditions shall be remain in full force.
  12. The Parties further agree, if necessary, to replace one or more of the provisions in this Terms and Conditions which become or stated unenforceable or invalid or void, with the new provisions overriding and implemented by the Parties.
  13. This Terms and Conditions constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties and shall replace every negotiations, statements or prior agreement, either verbal or in writing, regarding to this Terms and Conditions.
  14. Validity of this Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Indonesian law, and every interpretation of the provisions therein shall be done in accordance with the Indonesian laws and regulations.
  15. Should there be any discrepancy in meaning between the Indonesian and English versions, the Parties agree that the Indonesian version shall prevail.

End of Terms and Conditions